How do I add a logo to my live Facebook?

How do I customize my Facebook live?

Click on the “Live Studio” icon on the left sidebar of your Restream dashboard. Once you’re in the Studio, you can add destinations for live streaming, upload and select your graphics, toggle your split-screen options, invite guests, and access all the customization features your stream needs!

How do I add a logo to my video on Facebook?

Below Media, click the Edit Video button. Below Creative tools, select Logo overlay. Upload or select a logo to add to your video ad. Select a logo size and position.

Can you add a background to Facebook live?

Enhance your video conferences, live streams and live online classes by adding images, videos and any other source as your background. … If you have a green screen, this feature also has the Chroma Key option for more control over the background.

How do I add a logo to a livestream?

Launch Switcher Studio on your iOS device, log in, and tap Use As Switcher. (For the purposes of this guide, I’ve used a full-screen background image instead of the camera feed that would typically appear for your livestream.) Tap the blue + button, then Logo, and then Photo Library.

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