Best answer: How do I stop learning limited ads on Facebook?

How do you get out of learning limited phase?

To exit the learning phase, your ad set must generate 50 result actions in ideally 7 days. This will be easier and take less time if your campaign objective is higher up the funnel, such as traffic optimizing for landing page views, compared with conversions optimizing for purchases.

Can you get out of learning limited?

In simple terms, you’ll get rid of the ‘Learning Limited’ alert if you can achieve 50 or more conversions each week.

How long do Facebook ads stay in the learning phase?

The Facebook ads learning phase is really a important part of Facebook’s ad set optimization process. It usually lasts until 50 optimization events have been generated and is reset when significant edits are made to an ad set or the ads within it.

What causes learning Limited on Facebook ads?

Generally, an ad set becomes Learning Limited when the ad set is limited by small audience size, low budget, low bid or cost control, high auction overlap, an infrequent optimization event, or other issues such as running too many ads at the same time.

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Why is Facebook ad learning Limited?

According to Facebook, an ad set typically reaches Learning Limited status due to small audience size, low budget, low bid or cost control, or running too many ads at the same time. Having an ad set reach Learning Limited status does not mean that it has stopped running.

What happens after learning phase Facebook ads?

Simply put, the learning phase is the period of time Facebook takes, after an ad campaign has been launched, to work out how it can generate the best possible results for your campaign. Facebook does this by presenting your ad to different people within your target audience and then calculating who is most likely to …

How do I merge ad sets?

How to combine ad sets

  1. Choose the ad sets you want to combine.
  2. Create a new ad set or choose an existing ad set to consolidate your other sets into. …
  3. Consolidate audience and budget from the ad sets that you want to combine into one ad set.
  4. Add your creative assets.

How many ads can be set in a Facebook campaign?

You can have up to 50 ads in each ad set. You can have up to 10,000 ad sets. You can have up to 10,000 campaigns.

How can I speed up Facebook ads learning phase?

If your product is more of an impulse buy, use the 1-day click 1-day view conversion window to speed up your ads learning phase. Use Value Based Audiences such as a Look-A-Like Audience Based on purchase. By feeding Facebook this data, you’re helping set up your campaign for faster success.

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Is learn more or shop now more effective?

So, we did a simple test with one of our client’s adverts and created an AB test of ‘Learn More’ VS ‘Buy Now’. … After a month of having the ad up, we found out that the ‘Learn More’ button had a 21% higher click-through rate when compared to the ‘Buy Now’ button; resulting in more sales.

What is an optimization event Facebook ads?

When you select a Conversion Event to optimize for, Facebook will show your ads to people in your audience who are likely to complete that specific conversion action. … As you get more conversions for your chosen event, your ads will perform better.