Your question: Why can’t I delete a listing on Facebook marketplace?

To delete your Marketplace listing: Note: If you’ve enabled the Checkout with shipping option, please keep in mind that listings with active orders can’t be edited or deleted. If the listing has an order that’s pending, waiting to be accepted or declined, or has been shipped or sold, it can’t be edited or deleted.

How do you delete a Facebook Marketplace listing?

Tap in the top right of Facebook.

  1. Tap Marketplace. If you don’t see Marketplace, tap See more.
  2. Tap in the top left.
  3. Tap next to the listing, then tap Delete item.
  4. Tap Delete again.

How do I delete my Marketplace listing not approved?

You can delete the listing if it goes against the Commerce Policies. If you think we made a mistake, please fill out this form to ask us to take another look. Make sure to click or tap the box next to the item you want to appeal. To see if your appeal was approved, please check your listing again in about 24 hours.

How do I get rid of Marketplace on Facebook 2020?

In the On Facebook section, hit the Edit button. Now scroll down to App Request and Activity and then hit Edit. Select Turn Off from the dropdown at the right hand side of the Market Place app. That will stop Facebook notifications from Marketplace.

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Why is the marketplace blocked?

The problem a product listing could be blocked if you have a poor performer or even a top seller on your hands.

How do I remove recent activity from marketplace?

To delete your entire search history, tap or click the “Clear Searches” option in your Activity log. This one is pretty much the same no matter what platform you’re using. And just like that, your entire search history on Facebook will vanish.

How do you reset Marketplace on Facebook?

Select either the “Account Settings” or the “Privacy Settings” option from the drop-down list, both of which enable you to access all settings. Use the tabs on the left-side column of the resulting page to reset your preferences.

How do I get rid of Facebook Marketplace on my Iphone?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the marketplace icon.
  3. Tap Remove from shortcut bar.