You asked: Why does YouTube want my location?

it is actually meant for tagging that particular country for which the video is meant for. in general YouTube sets the default location as from where you are uploading that video because then it helps for people of that country to search and watch your videos.

Why does YouTube need my location?

Adding your location to your YouTube videos will make them geographically searchable, which can help you get more quality views. It’s better to focus on getting 100 quality views instead of 10,000 views because that can help you generate better leads and grow your business.

How do I stop YouTube from using my location?

Turn off location-based recommendations

  1. Open the YouTube Music app.
  2. Select your profile picture Settings .
  3. Tap Privacy & location.
  4. Make sure location-based recommendations are paused. This setting will prevent you from getting location-based recommendations.

Does my location affect my YouTube channel?

Due to YouTube being world-wide, changing you’re channels “location” pretty much means youre videos and channel would appear more often in that specific state or country you chose.

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What does YouTube location mean?

YouTube now allows creators to tag their video uploads and live streams with locations, which in turn makes it possible for viewers to find videos and streams by location. … Any submitted location is included in a video’s YouTube page, and users can click on it to find other videos from the same location.

How does YouTube know my location?

YouTube TV uses your internet connection to find your location and offer you the correct local content. … You’ll be asked—either by your web browser or mobile device—to allow YouTube TV to identify your location. Select Allow.

Can you still be tracked if your location services are off?

Yes, both iOS and Android phones can be tracked without a data connection. There are various mapping apps that have the ability to track the location of your phone even without the Internet connection.

Can someone track my YouTube history?

On the web

Go to your YouTube homepage. Click on your avatar icon and select “Settings” then “Privacy.” The screen shows whether your liked videos, your subscriptions, and your saved playlists can be seen by the world or only by you. Check the box next to each category you’d like to keep private, then click “Save.”

How do I stop Google from tracking me?

How to stop Google tracking you

  1. Go to and in the left-hand column, click on Activity Controls.
  2. On the next screen, toggle the Web & App Activity button off, and untick Include Chrome history and activity from sites, apps and devices that use Google services.
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What happens if I change my YouTube location?

Changing your content location on YouTube may make some videos unavailable in your area. If you want to access videos that are unavailable in your region, you’ll need to use a proxy service instead of changing your YouTube country.

What is the purpose of location?

Location plays a huge role in attracting and retaining the best employees, many of whom keep a close eye on where they’re based in order to optimize work-life balance. Good location decisions can significantly boost a company’s long-term performance. Poor ones can cost millions in lost talent, productivity and capital.

Does country of residence matter on YouTube?

YouTube provides language and content preferences for all countries/regions and languages where YouTube is available. … If YouTube can’t find your country, the default location is the United States. *Note that in India, language settings change the videos that are shown on Home and Trending.