You asked: Can you reply to an Instagram comment with a photo?

Now you can reply with a photo or video to specific photos, videos, and reshared posts in Direct. Your reply will automatically include a sticker of what you’re replying to. Just hit “reply” to open the camera, take a selfie, and send.

Can you attach a photo to an Instagram message?

To send a picture or video from your photo library:

To send a picture or video from your photo library, tap the button to the right of your chat-box. This button looks like a landscape scene. This will pull up your phone’s camera roll, from which you can select a photo or video. Once you select your image, click send.

How do you reply to Instagram with a picture 2020?

To reply with a photo or a video, tap the new camera button while you’re watching a story. You can use any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind. Replies also include a sticker of the story that you can move around and resize.

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How do you respond to a comment on Instagram?

If someone comments on their reel, they can send a reply by making another reel. Users will be required to click on Reply on a comment after which they will find a pop-up asking, Reply with a Reel. Users can then tap on the blue reels button to create a video reply.

How do you add a picture to a reply on Instagram?

In your Instagram Direct Messages, open the chat with the person you want to reply to. To reply with a photo or video, tap the camera icon at the bottom-left of the screen and capture your image or video. To reply with an image from your phone’s gallery, tap the picture icon on the bottom-right of the screen.

Why can’t I send pictures on Instagram DM?

Relaunch Instagram

Close or force stop the app on your smartphone and launch it again. If you still can’t send DMs to anyone, you could try logging out of your Instagram account and signing back in. If you use an Android smartphone, clearing Instagram’s cache might help.

What should I reply when someone sends a picture?

I would suggest a polite and casual comment like: “Oh, she’s cute/looks fun/interesting.”, basically whatever you’re comfortable with just to keep the convo going. For myself, if I can’t think of anything else to say then I’ll just go with “cool” or whatever. That is your friend.

How do you reply to a DM on Instagram 2021?

Open a conversation and find the message you wish to reply to. Tap and hold the message until you see three action options appear. Select “Reply.” The message you’re responding to will appear above the text input box. Type in your reply.

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How do you reply to a photo comment on Facebook?

Go to your Page, then go to the comment. Tap Reply below the comment. Enter your reply and tap Reply.

How do you respond to positive comments on social media?

Steps for Responding to POSITIVE Comments

  1. Thank the consumer for a positive review. Be specific and genuine. …
  2. Use the business name and keywords in the response. …
  3. Add a little marketing to the review response. …
  4. Invite the consumer to do something with your response.

How do you say thank you to Instagram comments?

Other ways to say thank you in any occasion

  1. I appreciate what you did.
  2. Thank you for thinking of me.
  3. Thank you for your time today.
  4. I value and respect your opinion.
  5. I am so thankful for what you did.
  6. I wanted to take the time to thank you.
  7. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
  8. Your kind words warmed my heart.

How do you post pictures in comments?

How to Include a Photo in a Comment on Facebook

  1. Click Comment on your news feed beneath the post you want to respond to.
  2. Enter any text, if you want, and then click the camera icon at the right side of the text box.
  3. Choose the image or video you want to add to the comment.
  4. Submit the comment like you would any other.