Why do I keep getting emails from Instagram saying I’m having trouble logging in?

Here’s what to do if you receive a “trouble logging in” email from Instagram. … Well, the most common theory is that although the emails are official, they are being triggered by an unknown user who is essentially spam-clicking the reset password email associated with a username they desire.

Why do I keep getting emails saying someone logged into my Instagram?

When Does Instagram Notify You via Email

Many users have previously reported that Instagram has notified them of unusual login attempts when someone else logs into their account. Instagram can pick this up if someone uses a different device from a different location, unlike your normal logins.

What does this email from Instagram mean sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging into Instagram we can help you get straight back into your account?

It’s a way for Instagram to notify you about failed login attempts to your account. Every time you (or someone else) use the Instagram password recovery tool on your Instagram account, you will receive this email.

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Can you be hacked through Instagram DM?

No, just opening a message can not result in hacking account. But becareful when you click on link in the message. Clicking on suspicious link can lead to real danger, avoid attachment files too.

Is security Mail Instagram com a real email?

However, security@mail.instagram.com is an official email address belonging to Instagram. But be careful when reading the address though. Such emails can be easily changed into something like security@rnail. instagrarn.com to confuse the reader.

How do I stop Instagram from sending me emails?

Instagram will also occasionally send you emails or text messages. To customize these, go back to the main settings screen and then select “Email and SMS Notification Settings”. Turn off any emails or SMS messages you don’t want to receive.

Can I find out who tried to log into my Instagram?

To find out who’s watching, load up Instagram and go to your Profile. Then tap then Menu and go into Settings. From there, you’ll want to tap Security and then Login Activity. This is your hub for everyone login on your account, and is the best way to spot a snooper.

Why am I not getting my Instagram reset email?

If you’re not receiving the password reset email, it’s possible the email is going in your email’s spam filter. It may also be possible that you mistyped your email when you first signed up for Instagram. To find your password reset email, try: Checking the spam filter on your email account.

What’s Instagram’s phone number?

You can contact Instagram support by phone at 1-650-543-4800 or via Instagram’s online Help Center.

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What is Instagram’s official email?

Instagram’s contact phone number is 650-543-4800 and their contact email is support@instagram.com, but please note it’s highly likely you won’t receive a response to your inquiry via these channels.