Why can’t I post a video in comments on Facebook?

Proper format of the video: Some of the common video formats that facebook allows are AVI, MOV, MP4, and MKV. So, if your video is in any other format then you won’t be able to upload it. So first convert your video into any of these formats and then upload it.

How do I post a video as a comment on Facebook?

To post a video response on Facebook, users must tap the camera icon in the comment box beneath a post (as you would if you wanted to post a pic), which will then connect to your smartphone’s camera library, allowing you to share a prerecorded clip.

Why can’t I add a video to my Facebook post?

If the Facebook app will not let you upload video, you may have a problem with your phone’s privacy settings. Other reasons for faulty uploads include uploading videos in a unsupported file type or Web browser, which can cause many problems, including extended encoding and processing wait times.

What are Facebook comments?

A Facebook comment lets you respond to a post or picture on Facebook. To comment on a Facebook post, click Comment underneath the post, or click into the white box that says, “Write a Comment.” Type what you want to say and press enter to publish the message.

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How do I share a photo in a Facebook comment?

How to Include a Photo in a Comment on Facebook

  1. Click Comment on your news feed beneath the post you want to respond to.
  2. Enter any text, if you want, and then click the camera icon at the right side of the text box.
  3. Choose the image or video you want to add to the comment.
  4. Submit the comment like you would any other.

What format does a video have to be for Facebook?

Regular Facebook feed video:

Tips: For best results, Facebook recommends uploading videos in . MP4 and . MOV format (see a full list of supported file formats here), with H. 264 compression, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps+.

Why can’t I comment on Facebook posts?

The primary reason you are not able to comment on Facebook is that you have been blocked by Facebook. Yeah, Facebook has every right to block you if you don’t follow the rules and violate Facebook’s privacy policy. In extreme cases, Facebook can also put you in Facebook Jail.

How do I change Comment settings on Facebook?

Click Settings & Privacy, then select Settings. In the left menu, click Privacy, then select Public Posts. Next to Comment Ranking, click Edit. Select On or Off.

Which is better likes or comments?

A “like” is just a click of a button; a comment involves typing a response. This is why the vast majority of posts receive more likes than comments. … They give greater weight to comments, meaning posts that spark discussions rank higher in newsfeeds than posts with just likes.

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