Who am I following on twitter?

How do I know who I’m following? Tap or click on Following on your profile or home page to see who you’ve followed, displayed in a following list. You can unfollow accounts from that page if you don’t want to follow them anymore.

Why can’t I see who I am following on Twitter?

Log out from your twitter account and log in again. You will get your follower and following list. If it shows Following, their Tweets should Appear in your home timeline. If it doesn’t Show, They may have blocked you.

Can I see who Ive requested to follow on Twitter?

Go to your profile. Click on Followers. Then click Pending follower requests to view the people who have requested to follow you.

Does twitter show everyone you follow?

Yes, you can hide who you follow on Twitter. But instead of unfollowing them, all you need to do is to use a list that can help in making your followers invisible from your timeline. When you do this, you will only see the Tweets you want to see.

Why am I suddenly following on twitter?

It’s a virus or script or cookie or bot that got uploaded to your phone. It’s not a twitter app that’s causing your account to randomly follow people. It’s a virus or script or cookie or bot that got uploaded to your phone.

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How do you see someone’s recent following on Twitter?

Go to a profile, click “Followers”. They’re ordered in the order of most recent first*.

Can I remove followers on Twitter?

To remove a follower, open Twitter in a web browser, go to their account page, and select More > Remove this follower. If you want to approve followers, go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Audience and tagging. Toggle on Protect your Tweets. To block a follower, go to More > Block.

How do you tell who unfollowed you on Twitter?

Check Individual Twitter Accounts To See If They Follow You

If you have an idea of who might have unfollowed you, you can go to their account and check right next to their username. If they follow you, there will be a gray box that says “Follows You.” If they don’t, it won’t say anything next to their handle.

How do you unfollow who don’t follow you on Twitter?

Use Circleboom “unfollow” feature to find those Twitter accounts who are not following back: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard and go to the “Circleboom Circle” tab on the left menu. Select “Not following back,” and you will get a list of all the Twitter accounts who you follow but don’t.

Why does Twitter unfollow my followers?

Here are the most common reasons your Twitter followers are dropping: Twitter is removing fake followers. you’re not posting enough. your tweets are low quality.