What’s the difference between top and recent on Instagram?

Essentially the ‘Top Posts’ on Instagram are a picked out by an algorithm that attempts to rank posts within that hashtag. … Simply put a post that has acquired more likes and comments recently has better chances of appearing in Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’.

What does TOP mean in Instagram?

The top on Instagram means that shown Instagram account is closer to your words written in the search bar. It might happen for you to search for something on Instagram and you see the research results come into different categories. The first categories named “Top” which means the closest results to your search.

What is the top part of Instagram?

Instagram Stories appear at the top of your screen when you’re on the Instagram mobile app. Because they’re often the first pieces of content users see when they open Instagram, these Stories can get a ton of engagement and help you advertise your regular Instagram photo gallery to more users.

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What is the Recent tab on Instagram?

The tab shows the latest posts with a hashtag that the user has searched for. Instagram users can find the “Recent” tab by typing in a word in the search bar and clicking on “Tags.” The app then shows two tabs — one labeled “Top” and the other “Recent”.

How does Instagram Decide Top Comments?

The comments are ordered on the basis of engagement. The more engagement a comment gets, for instance, likes, replies, the more it will rank higher.

How do I know who stalks my Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no way to find who viewed your Instagram profile or account or find an Insta stalker visiting your profile. Instagram cares about users’ privacy and does not let you track your Instagram profile visitors. Thus, it is not possible to check an Instagram stalker.

Why is the same person at the top of my Instagram story?

The Instagram algorithm recognizes who you are regularly interacting with and will then place them at the top of your Instagram Stories viewers list, because it knows those are the accounts you care about (or creep) the most.

Why is always the same person on top viewers on my Instagram Story 2021?

You might wonder why some people always end up at the top of your feed, so whenever you open the app some accounts are at the top. Well, this is somehow based on the Instagram algorithm, so based on the interaction you have with some accounts, Instagram prioritizes their stories to you as the first list of suggestions.

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Can you see how many times someone viewed your Instagram story?

Currently, there’s no option for Instagram users to see if one person has viewed their Story multiple times. As of June 10, 2021, the Story feature only collects the total number of views. However, you may notice that the number of views is higher than the number of people who’ve viewed your Story.

How do you become a top post?

Tips & Tricks

  1. Reasonably popular accounts have more chances to get to the top. …
  2. It is easier to appear in the grid of less popular and active hashtags. …
  3. Follow modern trends. …
  4. Take advantage of modern tools. …
  5. Avoid too many hashtags. …
  6. Remember that old content does not go viral. …
  7. Never post spammy or crappy content.

Why is Instagram hiding recent posts?

Instagram is taking a new step to prevent the spread of misinformation ahead of the presidential election. The app is temporarily disabling “recent” posts from appearing on hashtag pages in order “to reduce the real-time spread of potentially harmful content that could pop up around the election,” the company said.

Are recent hashtags back?

A quick, but relevant, update – after it removed the ‘Recent’ tab from hashtag searches in the lead-up to the US Election, Instagram has now re-added the option for US users.

Why are recent posts hidden on Instagram?

Recent posts from all hashtags are temporarily hidden to prevent the spread of possible false information and harmful content related to the election. … According to the explanation, “Instagram is committed to reducing the spread of false information,” which contributed to the change.

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