What features aren’t available on Instagram in Europe?

Group chat polls on Messenger are among the tools to be switched off. The ability to set nicknames for friends on Messenger will also be deactivated, while the sharing of augmented-reality face filters via direct message on Instagram will also be switched off in Europe.

What features on Instagram are not available in Europe?

Instagram has disabled the possibility to send disappearing photos and videos in Europe, due to their new rules for messaging services: Disappearing photos and videos cannot be sent anymore on @Instagram, because of new rules for messaging services in Europe.

What features are not available in Messenger Europe?

Facebook Messenger features not available in Europe

  • Running polls on group chats.
  • Lack of stickers on Instagram.
  • Personalised replies on messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger Nicknames gone.
  • No augmented-reality (AR) filters available in direct messages (DMs) on Instagram.

Why are some features not available on Instagram?

Sometimes logging out of your Instagram account and logging back in again will solve the problems. It’s like you are restarting your Instagram. If you still facing the issue, try this: delete your entire Instagram app and install it again. log in to your account and check if you got the new features.

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Why can’t I send links on Instagram to Europe?

Facebook disabled link previews for users in Europe to comply with new privacy regulations. … Bakry and Mysk are now actively recommending that users outside Europe do not send links in Messenger or Instagram due to privacy concerns, and have even suggested that users move to other messaging apps entirely.

What are new messaging rules in Europe?

The European Parliament has approved emergency measures allowing internet companies to scan users’ private messages for material containing child sex abuse. The controversial decision is an interim solution designed to fix problems with the European Electronics Communications Code, which came into force last December.

What are the new rules for messaging services in Europe?

From 21 December, messaging apps will fall under EU rules known as the ePrivacy directive. Facebook has decided to switch off several interactive options and offer just a core messaging service until it can add the extras back in. Group chat polls on Messenger are among the tools to be switched off.

Is Instagram Messenger available in Germany?

As noted by several users on social media and verified by our own Manuel Vonau in Germany, Facebook is temporarily disabling some features for Messenger and Instagram users who are based in the European region.

What are the new Instagram rules?

Instagram is introducing new safety settings for young users: It’s making new accounts private by default for kids under 16, blocking some adults from interacting with teens on its platform, and restricting how advertisers can target teenagers.

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Why does it say some features not available on Messenger?

Here’s why. This is to respect new rules for messaging services in Europe. As part of our efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe, we’re making updates that will impact some developers and businesses that use our Messenger API. …

What’s the new Instagram update?

Instagram rolled out a new feature that aims to protect its users from abusive comments and DMs. And it’s a real game-changer. The new feature called Limits allows users to limit or hide comments and messages coming from users who are not on their followers’ list or who have become a follower in the recent past.

How do you get featured on Instagram?


  1. HAVE A CONSISTENT FEED. For a clean and consistent look, try to stick to the same filter for your photos. …
  2. IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS. Invest in a good editing app. …

Why did my Instagram go back to normal 2021?

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc’s photo-sharing social network Instagram said on Thursday it has fixed a bug that led to a temporary change in the appearance of its feed for a large number of users.

Why can’t I reply to a specific message on Instagram Europe?

Many Instagram users are unable to reply to messages because they haven’t updated the messaging feature. If you haven’t updated the messaging feature on Instagram, you won’t have the option to reply to messages. … If you don’t see the messaging update, you need to update the Instagram app.

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Why did Messenger remove thumbnails?

As we demonstrated in our videos, Facebook servers download the content of any link sent through Messenger or Instagram DMs. … The directive includes several articles that can be relevant to the way Facebook generates link previews and may have been the reason why Facebook had to disable the feature.