Question: How do you get a follow button on Facebook?

How do I get the follow button on Facebook 2021?

To add a follow button on Facebook, you need to set the “Who can send you friend requests?” privacy setting to “Friends of friends”. You also need to set the “Who Can Follow Me” privacy setting to public. After you’ve changed both of the privacy settings, your Facebook profile will have a follow button.

Why don’t I have a follow button on Facebook?

Start by clicking the gear button in the Facebook toolbar and selecting Account Settings. When the next page appears, click the Followers tab in the left sidebar. This displays the Follower Settings page. Check the Turn On Follow option, and the page expands to display some additional options.

How do I download the follow button on Facebook?

Scroll down the page, and tap the Account Settings under the HELP & SETTINGS section. Once the Settings window opens up, tap the Followers category. From the opened Follower Settings page, choose the Public option to retrieve the follow button on your Facebook timeline.

Where do you find followers on FB?

In the Profile menu, click Friends. Within the Friends menu, click the More dropdown to the right. From the drop-down list, select Followers to view all your Facebook followers.

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What does it mean if you can’t follow someone on Facebook?

If you don’t see a “Follow” option, it means that the person has disabled it via their privacy settings. If that’s the case, the only way that you can follow them is to be their friend on Facebook.

What is a follow button?

The follow button allows people to follow your account directly from your personal homepage or any website where the button is installed. When people click this button, the following occurs: When logged in, a small pop-up screen displays with more information about your account when the button is clicked.