How do you hide your likes on Facebook?

Log in to, go to your profile, and select More > Likes. Click the three-dot menu and select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes. Select a Page Category. In the Select Audience box, choose the level of privacy you want for the category’s like visibility.

How do I make my Likes on Facebook private?

How to hide your likes on Facebook

  1. Log into your Facebook account and navigate to your personal page.
  2. On the toolbar under your cover photo, hover over “More” and then click “Likes” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the pencil icon, then select “Edit the Privacy of Your Likes.”

How do I stop friends from seeing my Likes and comments on Facebook?

How to Hide Your Activity on Facebook

  1. Go to Settings and Privacy.
  2. Then select Who can see what you share.
  3. Hit Continue and then Next to go to Posts and stories.
  4. You can control who can see your future posts. …
  5. The Only me option is not available for stories. …
  6. There is also the option to Limit past posts.

Can Likes be hidden on Facebook?

Facebook has added the ability to hide Likes and other reactions, a useful feature if you don’t want other users to see how people are reacting to your posts — or if you want to clean up the UI by hiding reaction counts on posts from other accounts.

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Can you block someone from seeing likes?

The truth of the matter is, you cannot directly hide Instagram activity or hide Instagram posts. Your shares, likes, and comments will be visible to your followers no matter what you do. You can choose to delete them or change your profile settings to lower your online visibility.

Can you hide a reaction on Facebook?

You can’t hide reaction counts on individual posts. People will still see the total number of reactions on posts that you create from other places like groups, Marketplace, Events, Pages and Stories. You’ll still be able to see the total number of reactions on your own posts.