How do I show my badges on Facebook?

How do I see my Facebook badges?

Go to the Group you’re managing. Click ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu. Click the pencil icon next to ‘Badges’ Choose the badges you’d like to enable.

How do I see my top fan badges on Facebook?

The top fan badge will appear next to your name in any comments you post on the Page or profile. The top fan badge will also appear on all past interactions with the Page or profile that you’re a top fan of. If you later choose not to show the badge, it’ll be removed from all comments where it once appeared.

How do I put a badge on my Facebook profile?

Facebook badges

  1. Facebook badges. Go to …
  2. Edit the badge. Click Edit this Badge (1) to choose the badge options.
  3. Choose the options (1) and click.
  4. Copy the embed code. …
  5. Login into Website Builder. …
  6. Click the edit icon (1).
  7. Paste the code and click Save Changes (1).
  8. The badge will appear.

Why are my badges not showing on Facebook?

If the badges are not displaying, you’ll need to enable the notifications for that app and then turn on the app icon badges. Icon badges are only natively supported by the One UI Home launcher. If you are using an alternative launcher, badges may not be supported.

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What happened to my top fan badge?

You will appear on the Community tab of a Page as one of its top fans. The top fan badge will appear on past interactions with the Page. If you later choose not to show the badge, it’ll be removed from all interactions where it once appeared.

Is Top Fan Badge automatic?

How to give and get top fan badges. Once you’ve turned the feature on, there’s nothing else you need to do! Facebook will automatically assign badges to users who qualify for them.

How do I add more badges to my facebook group?

Here’s how:

  1. From your news feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click More then Edit Group Settings.
  3. Head to the Badges section, then Manage Badges.
  4. Select the badges you would like to have on in your group.
  5. Hit save.

How do I get Facebook group badges?

This badge is awarded to people who join within the first three days of a new group’s creation and write a post, invite people to join, or share to the group within those first three days. This badge is only available in newly created groups.

What is a FB badge?

Facebook group badges or Facebook group member badges are the visual tags that you see beside group members’ names. These icons next to names on Facebook appear in all group posts, comments, and member profiles.