How do I mention a business on Instagram?

How to Do It: When you’re writing your caption, just type the @ symbol followed by the company’s Instagram handle (be sure there are no spaces between the symbol and the name). What if you don’t know the business’s Instagram name?

How do I tag a business on Instagram?

To use Instagram’s new sticker, open the stories camera, and snap a photo or video as you normally would. Once you’re happy, open the stickers tray and select the Support Small Business sticker. Next, type the name of the small business you want to support. You can tap the sticker for more options and styles.

Why can’t I tag a business on Instagram story?

The person you are trying to tag might have a private profile and have their settings set on people not being able to tag them. Another reason could be that you are not following the person you are trying to tag. So, follow the user, then try tagging.

Can you mention brands on Instagram?

First, you can tag an account in the post, video, or comment. The business, brand, or person you tag will receive a notification, and your content will show up in that account’s tagged content tab. Plus, this is an organic way to get your content in front of a wider audience.

How many mentions can you post on Instagram?

You can tag up to 20 accounts in a post on Instagram, according to Social Buddy. Additionally, the Instagram help center notes that you can’t include more than five “@ mentions” in a single comment on the site.

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