How can I tell if my Facebook post was deleted?

It’s deleted. Depending on the group you can ask the admin if they deleted the post, but there’s no way to know who deleted it unless it was you.

Does Facebook notify you if they delete your post?

Facebook relies on artificial intelligence technology and reports from users to identify posts, photos, and other content that may violate its standards. … If Facebook removes something you posted for one of those reasons, it will notify you about the action and give you the option to request an additional review.

What happens when a Facebook post is deleted?

If you delete any post from Facebook, it will be deleted permanently and no one can access or see this on Facebook. If anyone shared that post then they will a message “This content is no longer available”.

Why do some Facebook posts disappear?

A glitch, or error, may occur when problems arise with the system programming. Problems with the hardware or software used by Facebook also may result in error messages and disappearing posts. … Sometimes logging out of Facebook and then logging in again can resolve the problem.

Where did my Facebook posts go?

Go to your Timeline and on top of the cover image, you’ll find a button labeled as “Activity Log”. Click this button and voila! You’ll get all your posts arranged chronologically. You can choose to see the posts from a particular month by clicking on year and month list given on right hand side.

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What does no post available mean on Facebook?

No Posts available means there are no Posts. If its on someones Profile its possible all of there Posts may be on Private. If its on your News Feed then its Possible the Servers may be having a Hard time pulling up your News Feed try Refreshing the Page and see if Posts start to come up.