How can I see who donated to my personal Facebook fundraiser?

How can I see who donated to my Facebook fundraiser?


  1. Click Settings at the top of your nonprofit’s Page.
  2. Select Donations on the left side of the Page.
  3. Click Download Donation Reports.
  4. Select Payout Report or Transaction Report (reports download as . csv files).
  5. Choose time frame for report.
  6. Click Download.

Can you see who donated on Facebook?

To see GivingTuesday donations, please use multi-day transaction reports. If your organization receives money directly through Facebook’s fundraising platform, admins for your Facebook Page can see transaction and payout reports. Click Settings at the top of your nonprofit’s Page.

Can you donate to your own Facebook fundraiser?

You can donate to your friend’s personal fundraisers. Note: You can’t use personal fundraisers to raise money for a nonprofit. To raise money for a nonprofit, create a nonprofit fundraiser. You can create a personal fundraiser to raise money for a personal cause like the cost of a move or a community project.

Do I have to pay taxes on donations I receive through a Facebook personal fundraiser?

Funds that you receive through a personal fundraiser on Facebook may be taxable. … Note: If you raise more than $20,000 in donations from fundraisers on Facebook in a year, you’ll receive a 1099 form. The 1099 form comes from Stripe, the company that processes payments for personal fundraisers on Facebook.

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How do I know if Facebook matched my donation?

You can find info on GivingTuesday donations to your fundraiser in mid-January 2021. If the fundraiser you created received matching donations, you’ll see a notification on your Facebook fundraiser Page letting you know how much was matched.

Can you donate to a Facebook fundraiser anonymously?

Donors can contribute to a Facebook fundraiser anonymously. From the drop-down box “Who can see this post” just select “private” instead of “friends”. (The creator of the fundraiser and the nonprofit will see the donation so it’s not entirely anonymous.)

Can you see who donated on Go Fund Me?

Making a donation anonymous means that your name will not be visible to the public on the campaign page. For security reasons, you cannot make an entirely anonymous donation: The organizer and beneficiary will always be able to see your name. You are required to enter the name on the credit card when making a donation.

Are Facebook fundraisers public?

Yes. Fundraisers are public, so anyone can see them. Only people with Facebook accounts can make a donation.

How do I cancel a donation on Facebook?

On the left, click Facebook Pay. On the left, click Recurring Payments. Select the recurring donation you want to cancel. Click Cancel recurring donation, and then click Cancel recurring donation.

How do I contact Facebook fundraiser?

Learn more about Facebook Fundraising Tools. You may also want to reach out to Network For Good; they actually process the donations for the Facebook Fundraisers and might be able to tell you when the donations will be disbursed to the nonprofit organization. The telephone number for Network For Good is 888.284. 7978.

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How much does Facebook take from personal fundraisers?

Facebook doesn’t deduct any fees from nonprofit fundraisers held through the platform— so for nonprofits, Facebook fundraiser fees are effectively zero percent.

Is receiving a donation taxable?

Money that you receive as a gift is not taxable income to you, and you do not need to report it on your income tax return. Money that you gave as a gift to someone else is not deductible for your taxes.

How do I report fundraising income?

Income from a fundraising event or activity can generate both event revenue (exchange transactions) reported on line 8a of Form 990, Part VIII as well as contribution revenue (non-exchange transactions) reported on line 1c (at the ( g ) p ( top).