How can I install Instagram without Google Play?

Does Instagram need Google Play?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps I’ve ever used. Luckily, it works perfectly without GMS. Unlike Telegram, every feature in the app works. All you need to do is side load the app.

Why Instagram is not installing in my phone?

Are you trying to install from the Play Store, or from somewhere else? If you’re installing it using Play, the normal fix for error 24 is to go to Settings > Apps >Google Play Store, force stop, clear cache, clear data. Then run Play again and install Instagram. Welcome to Android Central!

How can I update my Instagram without Google Play?

You can update your Instagram app by going to the app store on your device and accessing your list of apps from the menu (Android) or navigating to the update page (iOS) and pressing the “Update” button for the Instagram app. You can also update your Instagram feed by swiping down on the homepage.

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How can I run app without Google Play services?

If you can’t live without Google Keep, two great alternatives are Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. To use them, all you need is your browser and your Internet connection: no Google! For a notepad app that has a similar look and feel as Google Keep, you can try Notebook by Zoho.

What can I use instead of Google Play services?

Enable the Unknown Sources box.

  • Aptoide. Aptoide is one of the biggest competitors of Google Play Store in the market when it comes to Android TV. …
  • APKMirror. APKMirror makes another brilliant alternative to Google Play store for downloading android apps. …
  • F-Droid. …
  • Amazon AppStore. …
  • APKPure.

How do I reinstall Instagram on Android?

Reinstall Older Version of Instagram

The best way to do this is through APK Mirror. On your phone browser, go to APK Mirror, then using the search icon at the top right corner search for “instagram”. On the next page, tap “Apps” then scroll down the list until you find “Instagram by Instagram”. Select it.

Why I Cannot install Apps in Play store?

With problems downloading and installing the application, you must clear the cache and data of the Play Store app. If that does not work, uninstall the updates. If it still does not work, turn off your SD card by going to Settings> Memory / Storage). Return to the Play Store and try to install the app.

Can’t download any Apps from Play Store?

What to do if Google Play Store will not load or download apps

  1. Google Play Store isn’t loading any updates. …
  2. Check your internet connection. …
  3. Restart your device. …
  4. Clear the Play Store data. …
  5. Reset the Download Manager. …
  6. Check the date and time settings. …
  7. Check available storage space. …
  8. Remove and re-add Google Account.
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How do I put Instagram on my home screen?

long press the address bar until a short menu appears. tap Add Page Shortcut (I think this used to say Add to Home Screen)

How do I join Instagram?

Go to the Instagram site on your desktop, or download the Instagram app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). If you’re on desktop, click “Log in with Facebook”, or fill in the form with mobile number or email, name, username, and password. Then click “Sign up”.

How do I get the new Instagram Update 2020?

Here is what you can do:

  1. Check if you have the latest Instagram version. Go on your App Store or Google Play Store and check if you have the latest Instagram update on installed on your phone.
  2. Log out of your Instagram account and log back in. …
  3. Reinstall your Instagram app. …
  4. Be patient. …
  5. Last resort: contact Instagram.

How do I get the old Instagram Update 2020?

If you’re still seeing it you can simply restart your app and you should be good to go.” So if there are folks out there who are still seeing that horrific update it seems all you need to do is turn it off and turn it back on again (this is the only time that will actually work).

How do I force Instagram to update?

1- Update your Instagram app

  1. Go to app store (for iOS) or play store (for Android)
  2. Find Instagram and check for updates.
  3. If there was a new version available, download and install it.
  4. Check if the issue is fixed.
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