Frequent question: How do you copy and paste a Facebook post on Android?

How do you copy a Facebook post on Android?

Tap Copy. It’s an option in the pop-up menu. This will copy the selected text. On Android, you’ll tap Copy text instead.

How do I copy and paste a Facebook post?

How to copy and paste on Facebook from an Android device. Tap and hold the beginning of the text block that will be copied. Drag the highlighted portion until it covers all of the appropriate text. Tap the “Copy” button that appears.

How do I enable copy and paste on Android?

To enable the standard copy/paste for TextView, U can choose one of the following:

  1. Change in layout file: add below property to your TextView. android_textIsSelectable=”true”
  2. In your Java class write this line to set it programmatically. myTextView. setTextIsSelectable(true);

How do I copy and paste to my wall on Facebook?

Tap and hold on the text you want to copy, it should open a window with an option “Copy”, tap on it, then go to the locaton you want to paste it to, tap and hold, same window will appear and now you should have “Paste” option.

How do I share a Facebook post?

Depending on the post’s privacy settings, you may see the following options:

  1. Share Now.
  2. Write Post. Post. To share to a friend’s timeline, tap Share to Facebook and select Friend’s Timeline. Type your friend’s name, then tap Post. audience selector.
  3. Send as Message. Send.
  4. Share in a Group. Post.
  5. Share to a Page. Post.
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How do you copy and paste files on Android?

Select the file or folder. From the top right buttons, click Copy. The options will now change to Paste or Cancel. Navigate to the folder where you want to add a copy, and then select Paste.

What is the easiest way to copy and paste?

The keyboard command for copy is Ctrl + C, and the keyboard command for paste is Ctrl + V.

How do I enable copy and paste on Chrome Android?

How to Enable a Shared Clipboard on Chrome

  1. Press Enter, then search for Clipboard in the search box.
  2. The search will generate a few flags, all of which must be enabled for the feature to work correctly. …
  3. Click Default next to each one and select Enable.
  4. Click Relaunch to restart the Chrome browser and save your changes.