Did BTS TikTok account get deleted?

BTS’s official TikTok account was recently hacked, as ARMY noticed suspicious behavior on the account. The most recent upload on the account shared a video titled “soon”, which featured a hammer and a mysterious sounding track, similar to the background music of a horror movie. The post has since been deleted.

Did BTS delete their TikTok account?

BTS’s recent disappearance from TikTok comes at a crucial juncture, considering that voting for the Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards is currently on, and that BTS are the favourites to take home the award for the fourth consecutive time. … bts deactivated tiktok to focus on cb.

What happened to BTS TikTok account?

BTS TikTok account hacked

First, the hacker posted an animated video and later uploaded another video in which a hand was holding a hammer on a piano. The video had the caption, “four seasons” written. A few fans stated that the video is “creepy.” Later, the video was taken down and the accounts were removed.

Does BTS have account on TikTok?

BTS (@bts_official_bighit) Official TikTok | Watch BTS’s Newest TikTok Videos.

Does Jimin have TikTok?

His massive social media power was proven once again when a video of him was uploaded onto BTS’s official TikTok account. On August 20, a video of Jimin dancing to ‘Permission to Dance,’ BTS’s latest single, was uploaded onto the group’s official TikTok account.

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Does Blackpink have TikTok?

blackpinkofficial (@bp_tiktok) 공식 TikTok | blackpinkofficial 님의 최신 TikTok 동영상 시청

What is Jungkook’s TikTok account?

Jungkook doesn’t own a personal TikTok account but BTS maintained an account with over 18 million followers and 141 million likes. A.R.M.Y., the global fan club of BTS, usually posts Jungkook’s videos on TikTok using the hashtag.

Can we chat with BTS?

(Bloomberg) — K-pop sensation BTS has racked up a string of firsts over an astonishing six-year run. Now the seven-member group star in their very own smartphone game, marrying two of South Korea’s hottest exports.

How do I chat with BTS?

Conversation. SEND YOUR SMS NOW!: SMS type 방탄소년단 then send to +821119 ( Do not spam message.)

Where can I talk to BTS?