Can you watch YouTube TV at two different locations?

Yes, YouTube TV allows you to set your “area” in order to receive the local channels in that market. If you move, or want local TV from a different market, you can reset your area in the settings/area section of the app.

Can you use YouTube TV at two different locations?

Device restrictions: YouTube TV allows three streams at a time on any device from anywhere in the U.S.. You must login at home once every three months to retain access, or once every 30 days for MLB games. Local broadcasts: If YouTube TV is available in the place you’re visiting, you’ll receive local broadcasts.

Can I watch YouTube TV outside of my home area?

You can enjoy YouTube TV while traveling in the United States, but available programs may vary by location. Local networks for the location you’re visiting. Note: You can’t record local programming outside of your home area. … You’ll see the live version that matches your travel location.

Can you share YouTube TV in different zip codes?

When you sign up for YouTube TV, you’ll be asked to share your home zip code. We may also ask you to confirm your location via your device location permissions. This requirement is to make sure you get access to the correct networks in your location.

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Can I share YouTube TV with family in another house?

If you’ve purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group to share your membership with up to five people at no additional cost. When you create a family group, you become the family manager. … As a family group member, you can build your own personal library of content in YouTube TV.

How do you get around YouTube TV location?

How to bypass YouTube TV location restriction with a VPN

  1. Install the best YouTube TV VPNs. Get NordVPN, now 72% OFF!
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the US.
  3. Sign in or register for a YouTube TV subscription.
  4. Start watching YouTube TV outside the US.

How many people can watch YouTube TV at once?

YouTube TV lets you stream content on up to three devices at once, and you can share your account with up to five family members. If you add the 4K Plus plan ($19.99 additional per month) to your subscription, you’ll get unlimited streams over your home Wi-Fi.

Can you change your location on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, you can’t change your Home Area as many times as you want. You can only change it twice a year, and you must physically be in your Home Area to change it. If you travel frequently and don’t use YouTube TV at least three times a month in your Home Area, you may stop getting your local networks.