Can you tweet to a list?

When I add a user to my public list they get notified, twitter feature. You can link to any Twitter list by mentioning it as you would any Twitter account, simply add a forward slash (“/”) between the username and list name. For example, to mention @Support and link to a list called “Tips”, type: @Support/Tips.

Can you tweet just to a list?

No you can’t. Only people that already follow you will see your answer, that’s the main concept of twitter. The tweet message box in a list is just like a normal box on your main timeline, just that you do not need to switch the window. But it’s not directed to all the members included in your post.

How do I tweet to a specific group?

Here’s how to share tweets with a group.

  1. Step 1: Find the tweet you want to share, and click the ellipsis below the tweet. ( …
  2. Step 2: Choose “Share via Direct Message” in the menu that appears.
  3. Step 3: In the address box, enter the name(s) or @username(s) of your followers to whom you want to send the tweet.
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Do people on twitter know if you add them to a list?

Yes – people do know when you add them to a Twitter list. They should see a notification for it when they are on the Twitter stream. The only time when someone may not see it, is when a Twitter list is private. Then they would not know they were added to the list.

How do I create a twitter list?

Create a Twitter list from your desktop

  1. From the menu on the left side, click “Lists”
  2. Click the icon with the plus sign in the top right.
  3. Enter the name of your list and a brief description. …
  4. Search for the users you want to add to your list, and click on their names.

How do you compile tweets?

How to create a Moment

  1. Navigate to Moments via in your navigation bar.
  2. Click the Create button to start creating a new Moment.
  3. Title your Moment and give it a brief description.
  4. Select the Tweet you’d like to add to your Moment and click Add.
  5. Add a Cover Image by clicking the camera icon .

How do you tweet a famous person?

Hashtag (Celebrity Name)

And, don’t forget, if you just want to support your favorite celebrity on Twitter, you can always tweet about them using the hashtag plus their name (#Pink), rather than tweeting @ them.

How do I make spaces on twitter?

To start a Twitter Space from your Android device:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. From the Home tab, press the blue plus sign compose button.
  3. From the menu click on the “Spaces” icon (a diamond shape of multiple circles).
  4. You will have an option to name your space and choose on the list of topics.
  5. Click on the “Start your Space” button.
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What is the point of a Twitter list?

Twitter Lists allow you to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets you see in your timeline. You can choose to join Lists created by others on Twitter, or from your own account you can choose to create Lists of other accounts by group, topic or interest.

What happens when you follow a list on Twitter?

If someone follows you: They’ll show up in your followers list. They’ll see your Tweets in their Home timeline whenever they log in to Twitter. You can start a private conversation with them.

What order are Twitter followers?

The order of the display is reverse chronological order. The most recent person to follow you is at the top of the list, & your first followers are at the bottom.

Why can’t I create a list on Twitter?

List names cannot begin with a numerical character. Twitter may limit adding more than 1000 accounts to a list per day. If you’ve already added a total number of 1000 accounts to your lists, you may need to wait a day or two before your limits are reinstated by Twitter.

How do lists work?

To use your list, simply work your way through it in order, dealing with the A priority tasks first, then the Bs, then the Cs, and so on. As you complete tasks, tick them off or strike them through. What you put on your list and how you use it will depend on your situation.

How do I add tweets to Bookmarks?

From a Tweet, tap the share icon and select Add Tweet to Bookmarks. To view your saved Tweets, tap Bookmarks from your profile icon menu. To remove a saved Bookmark, tap the share icon from the Tweet within your Bookmarks timeline and select Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.

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