Are drafts public on TikTok?

A Draft video is one that you are not ready to make public, there’s still some editing you wish to make later on. Nobody can see it. A Private video is one that only you can see. Nobody can see it, not even your followers or friends.

Are drafts on TikTok private?

Drafts can be saved once your video has been edited; right before posting it. There is no limit on the number of drafts that you can save on your TikTok account. These saved drafts are private and only viewable by you.

Who can see your drafts on TikTok?

Draft videos will be stored in your Gallery. As we set them to private, nobody else can see them, so they will remain there until you’re ready to use them. If you’re ready to publish, you can do it from your Gallery.

How do you see other peoples drafts on TikTok?

To find it again, the video will be located in the Drafts folder within the user’s profile. This folder can be accessed by tapping on the “Me” button in the app and then on the “Drafts” thumbnail.

Do your drafts on TikTok get deleted when you delete the app?

Can You Get Your Drafts Back on TikTok? Yes, these videos are not deleted, they are just saved in the TikTok folder on your device’s Gallery. Although you can’t recover them from the app’s interface, there are some other techniques that you can implement.

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Can people see who viewed their TikTok?

No. TikTok does not have a feature that allows its users to see which accounts have viewed their videos. … Instead of showing who has viewed your videos, TikTok only shows how many times videos on your profile have been viewed.

What happens to deleted drafts on TikTok?

Keep in mind that if you uninstall TikTok the drafts will disappear just as the application is removed. TikTok does not have a way to download drafts directly to the phone’s gallery.

Do you lose your TikTok drafts if you get a new phone?

Draft videos are only visible to you until they are posted. Drafts are only stored locally and may have been removed due to the following reasons: 1. TikTok has been uninstalled then reinstalled on a device.